Serbian crimes in Kosova : Facts against defamations

Serbian crimes in Kosova : Facts against defamations

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Even though the population of Kosova leaded by the Kosova Liberation Army made a war for protection, a war for freedom, nevertheless the Albanians are paying an expensive price for the crimes, carried out by the Serbian forces in Kosova. The Serbian black propaganda, even though completely on the basis of defamations and lies, has given and is giving results.
Every single crime, which was carried out by the Serbian forces in Kosova, Serbia made sure to address it in time to the KLA, while in other cases it made sure to broadcast that the crime or the crimes were made in any case, because of the KLA. Even though the truth regarding this murder is world wide known, such fabrications and defamations were enough to become a procedure for the criminalization of the Kosova Liberation Army’s war. Even though without any basis, the Serbian militia’s “argu‐ments” have become a good “material” for files against the KLA members.
In the post war Kosova, the most discussed themes by certain circles were the “crimes”, which were passed to the KLA. Furthermore, the evidences against the KLA were stimulated in many different ways, while the Serbian crimes have tried to be forgotten and it is still continuing to be so. It is not incidentally that the Serbian crimes are being hidden or covered, it is not incidentally that parallels for common responsibility regarding the war in Kosova are tried to be drawn. The consequences of these tendencies are too heavy and pricy for the present as well as for the future of Kosova. No Serbian has until today taken the responsibility for the murder and massacring of more than 20 000 inhabitants of Kosova, no one took the responsibility for thousands of rapes, nobody took the responsibility for thousands burnings or destroying, nobody took the responsibility for the violence, terror, genocide end the mass expulsion of the population of Kosova. Nobody even judged or paid tribute to apology for the cruel acts in Kosova.
The fact that in the top of the mountain Kopaonik exists a camp, where experts of the Serbian secret police from Belgrade work, it has been found out only in Hague Tribunal. In that camp are trained and put to use the ex‐ spies of the Serbian UDB and after that they show up as witnesses against the KLA in the Tribunal of Hague. Practically many other accusation statements against the KLA have been taken violently during the war at the Serbian policy, in the Serbian prisons from prisoners of war, from persons threaten to death. The one, who dared to say the truth, paid it with his own life.
The fact that telling the truth regarding the Serbian crimes in Kosova has an expensive price, can be proved by a case, which happened on April 1, 1999 as large Serbian military, police and paramilitary forces carried out the second massacre within a year in the village Lybeniq of Peja. Brutal beating, offences, provocations and threate‐ ning, which has been done to the people that day, did never stopped, since the first moments of the expulsion of the families from their houses to the carrying out of one of the monstrous massacre in this area. As Adem Haradinaj dared to answer the truth to a Serbian police’s question and told him: ”The Serbian police burned the houses”, he paid it with his life – he was taken out of the crowd and executed right after he gave this answer. After him, in the same way, also Ukë Bushati was taken out of the crowd and in the eyes of the pepople executed too… The majority of the crowded people (around 80) was killed, while some wounded act as murdered. In order to not let any live witness behind, the killers shoot above all them, who moved or gave a sign of life.
As in 2003 the accusation against Fatmir Limaj – Commander “Çeliku”, Isak Musliu and Haradin Balaj was published, with the single intention to criminalize the war of the Kosova Liberation Army and with clear tendencies to put Kosova back under Serbia’s regime, the criminals from Belgrade on the other hand were just happy about the accusation by Hague in the basis of wrong political estimations about the KLA (even completely wrong accusations against persons, who never were KLA members, as it was the case of Agim Murtezi). Beside this they made requests and concrete acts for the creation of a “mini‐Serbia” within the territory of Kosova. In the first six months of 2003, the Republican Justice Minister of Serbia, Vladan Batic and the head of the UDB, Alexander Vasiljevic threaten that they will send 400 Albanian to Hague.
It is a heavy human rights violence when one does injustice in the name of justice. Such injustice is also the case of the ex‐commander of the Dukagjini Operative Zone, and Kosova’s ex‐Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj and his comrades, Lahi Brahimaj and Idriz Balaj. This is not the firs time that such things happens to Albanians. Seeing the double yardsticks of the international “justice”, the Albanians are every day being convinced, that they will never get justice and that the accusations against the KLA ex‐fighters are completely political. On the other hand thousands of Serbian criminals, who bloodiness the whole Kosova more than once, are intentionally falling into oblivion. Hague is plenty of evidences regarding their crimes.
It is enough to remember the crime, carried out six years ago in Beleg of Deçan, as the Serbian forces killed and removed 66 Albanians, among them six children. According to the persons, who survived the crime, there were the police and the officers of the Serbian MUP (Ministria Unutrasnjih Poslova = Ministry of Internal Affairs ‐ MIA) Deçan, the ones who leaded this crime. Two days and nights long they burned, robbed raped and did just what they could do. In that massacre, a Serbian officer of the MIA Deçan, had slaughter and had cut the tongue to the professor, intellectual and patriot Nezir (Ibish) Vishaj from Beleg, because he spoke clearly and very well the Albanian standard language. The badly wounded profe‐ ssor made it to leave the village but did not make it to escape from the execution. He was executed in a very cruel way together with seven other civilians on April 6, 1999 in Bardhaniq of Gjakova. The Hague Tribunal does very well posses concrete information about the authors of these crimes.
The indictment with the no: IT‐04‐84‐I, a charge brought by the public prosecutor of the International Penal Tribunal for ex‐Yugoslavia, Carla Del Ponte against Ramush Haradinaj, Idriz Balaj and Lahi Brahimaj can contain everything, can be enlarged, can contain defama‐tions, fabrications but can not be a real accusation, furthermore, when such an accusation comes from the Hague Tribunal. The cases included in this accusation, can clearly be seen that are taken from the Serbian files (10‐15 thousand sides), handed over from the Serbian MIA and the ex‐minister of Justice in the Republic of Serbia, Vladan Batic, who after the accusation was published, enthusiastically declared that these were his “facts”, but fortunately these facts do not have nothing in common with the truth. Since six years long we could step on such defamations in internet addresses (even in official addresses of the Serbian MIA), in “Jedinstvo’s” publica‐tions, in “Bela Knjiga” etc.
It is very well known that the war organization and the joint to the KLA were completely voluntary and being so, it has not been impressed violently to anybody.
The compilers of the accusation “forget” the fact that in Kosova took place a war between the Serbian‐Yugoslav occupation forces and the KLA liberation units in the period of March 1998 ‐ June 1999. It is well known who the attacker was and who was protecting itself. No act of the KLA in the Operative Zone of Dukagjini, and much less of Ramush Haradinaj correspond to neither accusation of religious, political or racialist “discrimination”. On the part of the KLA participated also members of other non‐ Albanian ethnicity: Bosnians, Egyptians, Roma, Turkish and become also martyrs of this war. There were also others, who were murdered by the Serbian forces, only because they didn’t want to collaborate with them in the organized terror against the Albanians.
There were Serbian families, who stayed in their homes in the zones, which were controlled by the KLA during the fights and no one touched them. We should mention the occasion of Milivoje Scekic from the village Rashiq of Peja, who lived there with his wife and his 31‐years old, handi‐ capped son. For many months, there were the Albanians, who took care of them, beside their security, they carried to bring them food, clothes etc. The Scekic’s were violently expelled from their home by the Serbian police, during the offensive of September 1998. Right after they arrived in Peja, they mobilized their son to the Serbian police.
Too much noise has been caused as though about mass graves “discovered” in Gllogjan by the Serbian police in the region of Gllogjan, Irzniq and Radoniqi Lake in September 1998. But there is no real fact regarding this occasion. It is known that this region was under the Serbian police force’s control since August 12, 1998. After the large offensive, undertaken against the KLA positions beginning on 2 ‐ 12 August, in the war front: Hereç – Gramaçel – Baballoç – Rastavicë – Prejlep – Carrabreg – Beleg and on the other side Gramaçel – Suke e Bitesheve – Shaptej – Gllogjan – Irzniq, the Serbian forces used the whole heavy war machinery, even the chemical‐biological gases. Within these Serbian forces, there was a large number of Russian and Bulgarian mercenary. It was a war for death or survival, during all the time. The large number of the fallen martyrs in the first front line as well as the large number of the KLA wounded fighters proves this.
One month long did the Serbian forces prepare the “stage of the crime scene” in order to present the acts of the “Albanian terrorists”. They included also Albanian victims, who were executed and found in areas, which were during all time ‐ as they were murdered as well as they were found ‐ under the Serbian force’s control. Otherwise, if there really would exist such “mass graves”, the Serbian forces would not wait one whole month to publish the sensational “news”.11 In this sense, beside other forces, in this region were stationed also the Serbian criminal units: Special Police Units (Posebne Jedinice Policije ‐ PJP), the terrorist Unit “Munja”, the Commando 125 of the Serbia’s motorized tank brigade etc.
Unfortunately, the Hague Tribunal has fallen in thes trap of such Serbia’s defamations, who at all costs has tried and still tries to hide its own crime tracks (cold‐blooded murder of more than 12 000 civilians, disappearance of more than 3 500 others), of which crimes nobody until now has been questioned (with the exception of Milosevic).
It is well known, that during the frontal war, tough fights took place nonstop in the Dukagjini area. On the side of the KLA in the Operative Zone of Dukagjini have fallen 706 martyrs, 24 of them were alone from Gllogjan, and two of them were brothers of Ramush Haradinaj. But, on the other hand, the losses on the side of the Serbian military, police and paramilitary forces were not less. In this sense, the fact that the concentration of the Serbian authorities of the war time, but also authorities after the war against the war solders in this area is not occasional.
The accusation, published against the commander of the Dukagjini Operative Zone, Ramush Haradinaj, and the ex‐ Prime minister of Kosova as well as against his two comrades‐in‐arms, has caused deep indignation and dis‐ appointment to the whole Albanian population, without religious or political distinctions, toward the international justice. Beside this, the unmasking of this accusation has already begun. More and more families, who’s members are involved in this accusation, are denying the Hague International Tribunal accusations, in their reactions in the written, electronic as well as audio visual media of Kosova, declaring that these occasions have only a single source – the SERBIA.
It is absurd to try to equalize the guilt. The future can not be built on the basis of new injustices.
Fetnete Ramosaj

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