The Unidentified Trailer

The Unidentified Trailer

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The Unidentified is a feature-length documentary which reveals who were the commanders responsible for some of the most brutal attacks of the Kosovo war.

The result of a two-year-long investigation, the documentary names the officers who ordered attacks on villages in the area around the town of Pec during the 1999 war and those who were involved in the removal of victims’ bodies to mass graves at the Batajnica police centre near Belgrade in Serbia.

Sixteen years after they committed the crimes, they live peacefully in the Serbian capital, and despite the evidence that exists, they have not been prosecuted.

For the first time, the story is told by both victims and perpetrators, people who lived through some of the worst massacres of the Kosovo war, when more than 120 Kosovo Albanian civilians were killed in the course of a few days.

Beside disturbing testimonies never seen before, the documentary also features exclusive images and documents from the war.


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